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Our Guarantee

No, we cannot guarantee a test pass but what we do guarantee is the best possible tuition to help you meet the requirements of the driving test. Our reputation is at stake!! Most driving instructors are reliable and conscientious but there are a few who are best left alone.:

We have no gimmicks, we will not try to sell you second hand cars, car insurance, breakdown cover, pots and pans and second hand pies.

We also record why pupils come to us from other instructors and the following HORROR STORIES will make you either laugh or cry.

  • We went over the same route (32 times)
  • He was late for several lessons and didnít turn up at all for another.
  • The lessons didnít get better until the money got better (first five cheap rate)
  • I couldnít see around the dog when reversing (Alsatian in the back seat)
  • He seemed more interested in getting into bed with me.
  • Iíve had eight tests and fail on the same things
  • She kept shouting at me so much that I was frightened to go to another instructor in case she saw me. (passed first time with us)
  • He kept talking about his divorce and it got a bit personal.
  • He said that I had to keep going and one day it would Ďclickí so I gave up
  • The car was scruffy and bits kept falling off
  • I had five different instructors in one month
  • I sat in the car park reading the highway code while he went shopping
  • My instructor said I was too nervous to ever learn to drive (I paid discounted rate of £420 in advance and he hasn't been seen since)
  • He told me to read the Highway Code and let him know when I had passed the theory. I had three goes before passing.
  • The first part of the lesson was always dropping off the last pupil and we never really got into town.
  • My instructor used bad language all the time
  • My last instructor had body odour and was always texting
  • Everything he said had a double meaning and I didnít like the way he touched my hands (this should never happen)
  • My instructor got me to sit on his lap while he taught me reversing.

If you have anything new to add to this litany of horror please let us know.