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Driving Instructor Training

No doubt you have seen the adverts in the newspapers offering earnings of £30,000 or more as a driving instructor. This might be possible in certain selected areas but our experience is that earnings are more like £12,000 to £15,000 and that is once established. One national training company recently went into liquidation leaving their potential instructors high and dry with no funds for training. Earnings are not the same as net profit.

If you wish to become an instructor do it because you want to do it and not because there are potential high earnings, otherwise you may be disappointed. The going rate for a course is about £2,500 to £3,000 up front but the hidden costs can easily double that figure. There are about 30.000 established instructors in the UK and each year about 40.000 hopefuls part with their hard earned cash. The national pass rate is poor.

Much of the work is during the evenings and at weekends. There are very few ‘employed’ driving instructors, the vast majority are self employed.

Serious about becoming a driving instructor? If you live within travelling distance of our office then we can give you a good deal, no money up front and a better chance of passing the searching examinations. We have NO monthly franchise fee.

Should you not live near us then we recommend the BSM course. It is fairly expensive but worth a lot more than some of those on the market. I have seen adverts in the daily papers for a full course at £995 and in trade magazines have been offered the chance of earnings of £100,000 so in this game you pays yer money and takes yer choice. There are lots of adverts from driving schools for instructors yet there is no shortage so I suspect that some adverts are aimed at instructors who are willing to pay franchise fees which can be as much as £300 per week.

We do not go into the structure of our instructor training courses, we don’t want to be copied but should you be serious then by all means come and have an informal chat with us and we can put you wise as to the traps for the unwary. Driving Instruction is a very rewarding occupation although the monetary rewards are not that great. We have tutors who are members of ORDIT (The official register of driving instructor trainers) which is administered by the Driving Standards Agency.