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The Practical Test

Many learner drivers book their practical test too soon and consequently the national pass rate is in the very low 40s. (Some areas are down in the 20s). A failure because you were just not ready is a blow to the pride and more importantly robs a competent test candidate of a test opportunity. Please do not take it ‘just for the experience’.

Waiting times for a re-test can be three weeks to three months depending on area.

All our instructors are well versed in the requirements of the practical test which is becoming more and more difficult year on year. The low national pass rate is why we insist our instructors have a good track record before joining SSM.

Prior to your test you will have two mock tests with a different instructor who will simulate real test conditions. This will enhance your chances of a first time pass.

Normally our instructors will accompany you on your driving test. This is for several reasons, giving you re-assurance while a stranger is present in the car and also to make the instructor aware of any subtle changes in the driving test.

On the rare occasions of a failure your instructor will have witnessed what went wrong and be able to advise and correct you for the next test. There is no additional charge for being accompanied by the instructor on the test.

To book the practical test please visit:-

!! Beware you may not be eligible for a free practical retests as advertised by some booking services.

To qualify for our practical test pass protection scheme you need to have booked the practical test using the Site and provide us with a physical copy of the original failure sheet proving that you had no more than 2 Minor Faults (Driving Faults) and 1 Serious Fault. This pass protection does not apply to you not passing the test due to one or more Dangerous Faults, abandoning the Test or not achieving the eyesight requirements of the Test.